66-67 South Great Georges St.,
Dublin 2, Ireland.

66-67 South Great Georges St., Dublin 2, Ireland.
+353 1 4005878 | bookings@brasseriesixty6.com

Operating Policies – Coeliac restaurant Dublin – Gluten free menu choices

We are delighted when you choose to dine in Dublin at Brasserie Sixty6. Here are a couple of policies we have arrived at to make sure your evening goes as smoothly as possible. (And ours as well.)


For bookings, please call 01 4005878 and we will be delighted to take your reservation from 12pm until close of business each day. We suggest to call for reservations instead of email which may not guarantee an immediate reply.

Opening Times:

All times are subject to change during the festive Christmas period in Dublin.
Monday to Friday: 12pm to Late (Lunch until 3.00pm)
Saturday: 10am to late (Brunch until 3.00pm)
Sunday: 10am to late (Brunch until 3.00pm)

Vegetarians / Coeliacs:

A full vegetarian menu is available and our a la carte has our Coeliac options highlighted. (Yay!!) Ask your server.

We strive to offer a restaurant menu suitable for coeliacs with gluten free choices and alterations. Our menus are all noted with coeliac options and gluten free adaptable choices. Our vegetarian menu has some innovative choices that would suit most vegetarians but we can change most dishes to suit further vegan requirements.

Reservation Changes:

If you need to make any changes to your reservation after you have confirmed, please inform us as soon as possible and we will do what we can to accommodate you. If you book a table for 6 and your party finally consists of only 4 diners, we will seat you at a table for four.

Large Parties:

At Sixty6 we love catering for large parties. Each booking is dealt with on an individual basis; please contact one of our management team who will deal with all your requirements.

Sixty6 has a range of set menus available for parties of 12 or more at peak times. On busy nights, for large parties we will only offer the set menu to your party to ensure smooth service. Your party can choose from our set menu, thus ensuring your table can be served all together and without delay. Our party reduced menus can be emailed to you in advance.

Depending on the number of guests, it may sometimes be necessary to split a very large party into two tables – eg 2 tables of 10 pax. The tables will be as close together as possible.


During the festive Christmas party season, Sixty6 requires that bookings pay a deposit fee in order to secure reservation of their table. A deposit of €10 per person is payable by cash or credit card.

Please note that a service charge of 12.5% is automatically added to tables of 6 or more. This service charge will be distributed among the team that served you.

Roast Suckling Pig Option:

Our roast suckling pig is a succulent menu innovation which is unique to brasserie sixty6. However, such succulence brings with it some logistics. By its nature, the suckling pig has to be ordered in advance, and then marinated for days in our rubs and marinades. Yum. But if you are ordering our suckling pig platter, you will be required to pay a €150 deposit to secure the order. This can be paid by cash or credit card.

The suckling pig platter serves between 10+ people (exactly how many is up to the pig!) – remaining customers can choose from our menu.


Up to tables of 6 or more, gratuities are entirely at the customers’ discretion. For tables of 6 diners or more, a service charge of 12.5% is automatically added. All gratuities are divided among the team that serves you on the night.

Birthday People:

Here at sixty6 birthday girls and birthday boys are very important!!

We can bake a birthday cake to order with a personalised message.

Just give us two days notice. We also “sing and dance in the aisles” whether you like it or not..

Just call to order your cake. Also available for other occasions births, divorces, graduations, etc..

A little word of warning:
We cannot guarantee a good vocal performance with outstanding harmonies.


We believe correcting problems is as much in our interest as it is in the customers. If you have a genuine grievance, please bring it to the attention of the duty manager, and we will endeavour to rectify it. No, we do not give out ‘free bottles of wine,’ so please don’t ask. And when making a complaint, please bear in mind the enjoyment of other diners. Rowdiness or rudeness will not add to your case, it will detract from it. Management reserve the right to refuse admission.