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September 6, 2019

Large 200 seat restaurant with set menus ideal for Christmas parties, groups, hen parties and stags dinners. One of the best choices of party venues Dublin.

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party venues Dublin Party Restaurant 2019
party venues Dublin Party Restaurant 2019

“When I was charged with planning a surprise dinner party for a dear friend’s birthday this past month, Brasserie Sixty6 was suggested as a possible location for our celebration party venues Dublin and it struck me that I knew nothing about this restaurant at all. I have had another friend who brought her hen party to this restaurant for dinner and had rave reviews.
We needed a decently large restaurant in Dublin, and one that would allow us to engage and enjoy our party without too many strict guidelines. While at first this seemed impossible, it soon became clear that Brasserie66 was just such a place and a great party restaurant in Dublin city centre.
As you might have already guessed, we ended up choosing Brasserie Sixty6 and I can say unquestionably that they exceeded all expectations.

party venues Dublin Party Restaurant 2019
party venues Dublin Party Restaurant 2019

After living in Dublin for the last five years and passing Brasserie66 on a near daily basis, I’d never thought to go in. Don’t ask why.

It’s located on South Great George’s Street, one of the main thoroughfares of Southside Dublin, and maybe I’ve never tried it out simply because I’ve always got my headphones in and my thoughts carrying me away as I pass by on my way to work.
Planning a party for a big group is a drag. With so many party venues Dublin, you’ve got to take into account schedules, a litany of dietary requirements you didn’t even know your friends had, budget and seemingly never-ending list of other details. Being the go-to person is exhausting, and if you don’t believe me just try it out for yourself.
I was expecting to be met with a couple of options and a “take it or leave it” attitude, as, unfortunately, can be the standard for large parties, but this was simply not the case.

Brasserie Sixty6 Party venues dublin 2019
party venues dublin 2019

Their group menus offer great value and diversity to begin with, but I was more impressed by the restaurant’s willingness to adapt them for me, swapping out one main course for another to suit some of my pickier friends, removing the desserts and adding an after dinner cocktail, and creating two stunning custom made American style cheesecakes for our group.
This level of customisation is something I haven’t seen recently in other restaurants around town. Granted, most places will be a bit flexible and allow little tweaks, but Brasserie Sixty6 essentially lets you redesign the menu to suit your needs to some extent if needed but the set menu offered is generally perfect value and choices. Looking for a party restaurant in Dublin soon became apparent that Brasserie Sixty6 would be my answer.

brasserie sixty6 restaurants in dublin party groups party venues dublin
party venues dublin

The Party
From the outside, it’s hard to imagine just how big the place really is. (They can seat 200 people at a time, comfortably, I found out.) Call me a size queen, but I was impressed.
We were a group of close to 40, and they managed to seat us all together. Part of the reason our party had so much fun was because we had this little area all to ourselves and were not divided up onto long, distant tables lining the walls. We could see other large groups near our section including a hen party and a stag party enjoying dinner, while in the front 2 sections, things were a lot more intimate with couples and tables of 4 etc.
Once we got our entire group seated, the waiters were quick to get us all a drink and let the fun begin.
I wouldn’t call my group of friends particularly wild, but I will say the staff were outstanding in balancing the environment. We were never once on the receiving end of long looks or requests to quiet down, instead a couple of the waiters joined in on the jokes.
Better than your average set menu!

Brasserie 66 christmas party venue dublin 2019
dublin party venue

Like I said, I was thoroughly impressed with the set menu offerings and Brasserie66’s willingness to adapt them for my group. But once the plates started coming out of the kitchen, my opinion of the place skyrocketed.
From the start I knew that I’d order the Rotisserie chicken, it’s a classic that I’ve loved all my life. Growing up in America you can get a good rotisserie chicken in a few really popular grocery stores, but it just doesn’t seem to be a staple here in Ireland. Anyway, I just couldn’t resist the nostalgia.

Sixty6 sausages
At the insistence of our waitress I opted for the chicken skewers to start. I wouldn’t normally go for two same sort of thing, but she maintained that it’s long been one of their most popular dishes (and I quickly understood why.)
Suffice to say I was stuffed, but I managed to fit in a sliver of our custom cheesecake and a Bellini that they happily replaced the traditional dessert offering with.

Brasserie 66-38
The Staff
Yes, the food delivered both quality and value, but there was something else that made this night special. The atmosphere in the restaurant and the attitudes of the staff changed this from a restaurant meal to the party we intended it to be.
What’s obvious about Brasserie66 is that they form a family. You feel it from the moment you walk in the door.
They joke, they jest, but they also get the job done. Any and every service has its slip-ups, but when the staff take as much pride in what they’re doing as these guys do, it’s immediately evident to their customers, as it was to me and my friends.

sixty6 staff party restaurant dublin for groups

When I look back in this party venues Dublin and our overall experience, one thing keeps coming to mind: Brasserie 66 removes near all of the limitations that usually plague large groups in restaurants.
Never before when organising any sort of group outing have I encountered a restaurant so willing to mould their offerings to my needs or staff so dedicated to ensuring their customers enjoy themselves.
Instead of the “take it or leave it” attitude I was afraid I would encounter, Brasserie66 ask “what can we do for you,” and that sort of attention to their customers is what makes this place so special.”


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Dublin venue for large parties and groups
Dublin venue for large parties and groups

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